Frequently Asked Questions

Key Information

1. Dates
2. Activity Breakdown
3. Directions

Admission Requirement

1. Is there an age requirement to attend the festival?
2. Do I need to reserve a slot of activities?
3. Are there physical counters for booking on ground?
4. How do I know if my booking is confirmed?
5. Are masks required?

Activities Entry

1. I can’t attend the booked activities / workshops, can I pass my tickets to my family/friends or change the booking date?
2. Do I need to show a hardcopy of my reservation?
3. Must my group member(s) be present before we are allowed entry?
4. What time am I allowed entry?
5. Is the event ground accessible for wheelchairs or prams?

General Questions

1. Weather
2. Facilities
3. Pets

F&B & Others

1. Will there be sale of food and beverages in the premises?
2. Further Queries
3. Terms and Conditions